1. anders-holmdick:

    god I am so tired of people throwing roses at my feet as I walk by

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  2. embarrassmental:


    what if people named their kids when they turn 18 so the kid has a name that fits its personality


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  4. ruinedchildhood:

    When you’re Washing the dishes and someone comes and adds in more

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  5. sixsteen:

    Boy: you look so pretty you are so hot

    Me: ??? Where’s the news

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  6. 30-space-chickens-go:

    Possibly one of the best characters to ever be on TV

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  7. my-flourish-and-blotts:

    A Kingdom of procrastination and it looks like I’m the Queen.

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  8. soysad:

    sorta wanna die sorta wanna kiss you sorta wanna get my shit together sorta wanna lose twenty pounds in a month??

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  12. "You can ask the universe for all the signs you want, but ultimately, we see what we want to see when we’re ready to see it."
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  13. "The funny thing about introverts is once they feel comfortable with you, they can be the funniest, most enjoyable people to be around. It’s like a secret they feel comfortable sharing with you. Except the secret is their personality"
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  15. princess-fellatio:





    tumblr meet up

    I had to replay this twenty three times to see every individual



    What are the name of these dances? Or group dances?